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Artist : Sunlover

Date : 18/11/22

Media : Mix Media (Acrylic, oil painting , paint pen , soft pastel)

Sizes : 75 x 100 cm.

Art” is limitless, transcending interconnection, blending of imagination and nature, curves, colours, all create wonders.


In the past, art originated in nature. Artists in the past used natural colours. And over time, art has blended and adapted more and more colours according to the development of humanity.


Art has taken us from the past to the present and gave us a glimpse into the future through the mixing of natural colours, creating and discovering new colours in nature. And from the development of humanity plus the imagination of the artist. make new colours resulting in wonders beyond imagination, which is the future.


Art is therefore the thing that connects the whole world together.


Even though different countries, different languages, different cultures can be united as one with art.

Two Cultures Together “Ocean Kingdom “

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